Change Log

Date Version Change
8 April 2024 37.6
  • A new field type has been added to the Filename Format section of Zip Formats. Entry Title Uppercased allows an uppercased version of Entry Title to be added.
  • A new criterion has been added to the Selection section of Zip Formats. Setting Only Awards to yes will only include Entries that have an Award.
  • A number of internal changes have been that should not be noticeable to users.
4 December 2023 37.5
  • The Series analysis table was incorrectly limiting the maximum score it would display to the default maximum score. Fix by finding the actual highest score in the Series.
  • Add entryPublishable to getEntryList API.
  • When the Options screen was updated, the new values were sometimes not immediately seen until the screen was re-requested.
23 October 2023 37.4
  • When an administrator is importing Entries into a Competition, the pre-selection criteria have been extended to allow no Entries to be pre-selected. The default remains all Entries pre-selected, and the dropdown text reflects this.
18 September 2023 37.3
  • Fix a spurious error when updating Competitions with an inactive Class.
5 September 2023 37.2
  • The wording and layout of new user and password reset emails have been improved.
  • An Active flag has been added to Classes. If a Class is no longer being used, but must remain for historical purposes, you can set it Inactive. That will suppress it from appearing in various dropdowns and screens.
14 August 2023 37.1
  • The format of passwords has been relaxed, and they may now contain any characters including embedded (i.e. not leading or trailing) spaces. They must be between 6 and 50 characters, and not be in our list of commonly used passwords.
11 August 2023 37.0
  • The Forgotten Password mechanism has been reworked, and now only requires one email to be sent to the User instead of two. After requesting a reset, a new screen with clearer instructions is presented. The reset link in the email (valid for 30 minutes) takes them to a new Initial Password screen where the new password can be set, and they can then immediately log in.
  • Following on from the above, the email that new Users are sent now contains a reset link (valid for one week) that can be used for initial sign-on, as well as the normal sign-on link and UserID. Even if this reset link has expired, the User can always use the Forgotten Password link. If an Admin forces a password reset, the User will receive the same email that new Users receive.
24 July 2023 36.20
  • When importing Viewing Total Scores, Entries which did not have any Viewing scores were being erroneously assigned a score of zero, effectively disqualifying them and preventing them appearing in subsequent Viewings. This has been fixed.
  • If the score/grade threshold in an Entry Report omitted all Entries, control was returning right back to the Manage Competition screen with an error. It now dislays an empty report, so that the thresholds can be more easily revised and other settings retained.
  • Some guidance has been added to the Manage Competition Group Folder screen.
7 June 2023 36.19
  • An additional filter has been added to Entry Reports which allows Entries to be omitted if their score/grade is below a specified value. This filter is only offered when the Competition is in a Judged state.
  • The in-browser field validation has been tidied to use different field border colours that adjust as you type. The previous ugly red background for a validation error has been replaced with a more tasteful red border. The submit buttons will also be grayed out if they are inhibited by a validation error.
19 April 2023 36.18
  • A third sort order has been added to Viewings, allowing them to be sorted by descending score/grade. Because this uses the official scores/grades, it cannot be selected if the Viewing is available to Judges, and only when Users are viewing "Images plus everyone's notes & official scores (readonly)".
  • Entries with a score of zero or a grade of Disqualified are now excluded from Viewings and Zip downloads, and from API downloads (unless includeInvalidEntries was set in the API request).
  • A bug has been fixed whereby multiple Zip downloads could all be created with the description of the first one.
30 March 2023 36.17
  • When a User with delegated admin rights logs in the Download Centre link will be visible to them if there are any relevant downloads. If they generate a download the link will become visible. This fixes a problem where the link would only be visible on certain screens, leading to confusing navigation problems.
17 March 2023 36.16
  • When an Entry Report is displaying Viewing notes, each note is now prefixed with the score/grade that the viewer gave.
8 March 2023 36.15
  • When generating a Zip download, checks for duplicate image filenames have been made case-insensitive to prevent image files with the same filenames except for upper/lower case overwriting each other when extracted on a Windows computer.
  • When importing Viewing scores there is a new option to allow importing total scores (instead of average scores). Note that this may lead to scores higher than your normal maximum score.
4 March 2023 36.14
  • Some word processors convert quotes to smart quotes. PhotoEntry was not allowing these to be copy/pasted into fields such as title. It now converts smart quotes to the corresponding normal quote or apostrophe, which can then be part of exported filenames.
  • After generating a Zip Download you now stay on the same screen rather than automatically navigating to the Download Centre. This allows easier navigation when performing multiple downloads.
  • The Competition Close Date has been added to Entry Reports.
19 February 2023 36.13
  • Zip Filename Formats now ensure that at least one Field is specified, and that it is not Slash.
  • An additional field has been added to Competition CSV files and to the getEntryList API result. userActive indicates whether the User who submitted the Entry is still Active or not, and can be used to screen out Entries from Users who are no longer Active.
  • A new attribute has been added to Zip Format Selections to allow Entries from Inactive Users to be included or excluded.
17 January 2023 36.12
  • Entry Statements are now optional.
16 January 2023 36.11
  • Entry Statements can now be specified for a Competition. When set this requires (but see 36.12) each Entry to have an Entry Statement, typically a more detailed description about the Entry. You can specify a prompt which explains what information is required. The Statements are visible in an abbreviated form on many screens, and clicking on the abbreviation will show the complete statement. They are also shows in the Viewing screens, and availble in the CSV exports, Entry Summaries, and using the API.
5 December 2022 36.10
  • The Non-Member User classification has been renamed to Non-Paying, and is now combined into the Active/Inactive dropdown on the Security tab.
  • When specifying a Non-Paying account you must now specify a reason, which will be checked.
  • You may now only exceed your license count by a small number. You will then need to obtain further licenses before you can create further users. Marking Users as Inactive will reduce the number counted against your subscription. If you do urgently need more Users, contact us for a temporary grace period until you can purchase the additional licenses.
15 November 2022 36.9
  • Series definitions retain their full functionality. However a new option has been added to specify a Simple Series. This removes many of the configuration items that are not necessary in a simple case, and displays the results in a single table (per Class). It is particularly suitable when you are merely specifying the number of Entries that a User may have from each Competition, but with no further selection criteria.
  • Viewings could previously only be ordered by Presentation Sequence. An option for the Viewing to order by User has been added.
  • Oversized logos will now be scaled down in emails generated by PhotoEntry.
  • The icon to delete a download will now not be shown until the download has been completely generated.
  • On the Manage Competition Group screen Competition comments are now shown.
  • The maximum length of the User Distinctions field has been increased from 30 to 50 characters.
  • An obscure bug in the algorithm that generates Presentation Sequence numbers has been fixed. It only occured once when an administrator manually assigned sequence numbers in a very particular fashion.
22 August 2022 36.8
  • Check for some more unsupported image types, particularly those in CMYK colour space or with YCCK transforms. These will now give an error rather than a crash.
  • Enhance the API used by Di Centra etc to allow for detection of Competitions that have been deleted from PhotoEntry.
  • Minor changes to some help text.
18 June 2022 36.7
  • Competition Group Folders have been added. You can now create Folders, and then assign Competition Groups to Folders. This only affects the Main Menu and the Manage Competition Groups screens. Competition Groups are now listed by Folder, with the un-filed ones listed first, as before. One Folder can be expanded at a time. This is an optional cosmetic change to the display of Competition Groups on those screens, and does not affect their functionality.
  • Renaming a Competition Group, Competition or Zip Format after a Download had been generated could cause errors doing the download. This has been fixed and renaming can be done without upsetting the download.
  • Some special characters (e.g. ?) in a Competition name could cause problems in a download. These are now correctly sanitised from the download zip file name to prevent that occurring.
16 February 2022 36.6
  • When generating a CSV file of your Users, the last-login timestamp is now presented in a spreadsheet-friendly format.
  • When Image titles are disabled, you will no longer be presented with the field to enter an Image title. This was already being suppressed correctly in other parts of the system.
  • Generating a CSV file of Viewing information could cause a crash when an Image had been deleted after Viewing information had been entered for it. This has now been fixed, and the CSV output correctly mirrors the screen version.
  • If awards are enabled for a Competition, any Entry Awards already given will be displayed on the Viewing screens underneath the title. This is primarily useful when a Viewing is made available to Users after judging.
24 December 2021 36.5
  • Add a Competition option to make entering Entry Reference information mandatory.
  • Internal changes to ensure Viewing image files are properly cleaned up for imported Entries.
1 December 2021 36.4
  • Prevent a crash after Presentation Sequence numbers have been manually overridden with consecutive values for the same User, and a new Entry is added for another User.
  • Raise the maximum configurable number of Images per Entry for a panel Competition from 15 to 50.
  • Change the "Help" menu item to "Help / FAQ".
7 November 2021 36.3
  • In a Viewing, if both author and reveal-user are enabled then the author name will be included on the Viewing screens.
  • An option has been added to Viewings to present all of the Classes merged together. This will help clubs that judge all Entries together without the Judge being aware of which Class each Entry was submitted into.
24 October 2021 36.2
  • Add a Competition attribute maxPerAuthor to optionally limit the number of Entries per Author. This is only relevant for inter-club and similar Competitions where Separate Author Field Required has been set.
  • Increase the maximum length of a User's UserID and email address to 254 characters.
  • Add an imageOID column to the Entry CSV export file.
8 October 2021 36.1
  • Corrupt jpeg metadata could cause generation of a zip download to fail when the image had to be processed (e.g. watermarking, resizing, etc). Any corrupt metadata blocks will now be omitted from the processed image.
18 September 2021 36.0
  • Downloading images, and the Top Images emails, have been substantially reworked. In particular:
    • Zip Formats have been extended. As well as specifying filename formats within the zip file, they can now also specify selection criteria (e.g. scores, publishable), and processing options (e.g. watermarking, resizing, stripping metadata).
    • Top Images emails have been dispensed with. They were inflexible, and sending batches of images by email was never really satisfactory. Zip Formats now replace these, meaning you can now have auto-resizing. If you had Top Images enabled, we have created Zip Formats that match your settings named Top Images 1 and Top Images 2. You can of course adjust these to suit your needs.
    • Downloads now appear in a Download Centre, where they will remain until they expire. This means you no longer have to copy the download URL when it was given to you as it couldn't be found again later.
    • One or more email addresses can be associated with a Zip Format. Whenever that Format is used to create a download, emails containing the download link are sent to those addresses. Specifying those email addresses in your Top Images Formats will ensure the right people get the download links.
  • The option to allow Users to specify whether images are publishable, and if so with what watermarks and/or metadata stripping has been simplified. In Options you can now choose "Users Can Select if Images Publishable". If enabled, Users are given a simple yes/no option to indicate to the club whether an image may be published. Users can no longer specify the watermarking and metadata stripping (those are controlled in the Zip Format settings).
  • A few cosmetic formatting corrections.
7 June 2021 35.18
  • In an Entry Report setting Hide Names to Yes and Show Membership Number to Yes no longer hides the Membership Number.
  • Image URLs have been added to the Competition CSV export.
5 April 2021 35.17
  • Zip file downloads have always used an underscore (_) as the field separator. You can now select an alternative separator character.
  • The maximum image file upload size has always been 10MB. You can now choose to reduce this to a lower value.
  • The option to make Image titles optional or mandatory has been extended to also allowing disabling Image titles.
  • The Delete Competition screen has been renamed to Delete All Entries, with an option to determine whether the Competition itself is also deleted.
  • When a Competition judged using Places has reached the Closed state, an additional button appears to allow you to change any missing Places to a nominated value. The commonest usage would be to set all Entries to Selected before entering higher Places.
  • When emailing an Entry Report, you can now differentiate between the contact email address and your own admin email address (in addition to the existing email to all active users).
  • On the Manage Competition screens, an additional Update Competition button now appears near the top of the screens.
  • If an admin starts a Zip file generation, but before it has finished deletes an Entry, the generation now skips over the missing Entry.
  • When importing an Entry into a Competition with Viewing enabled, a new Viewing Image is now created if the original Competition did not have one. Previously this could lead to a missing image in the new Viewing.
13 December 2020 35.16
  • When generating a zip file download of Entries, problems arose when the Competition name contained certain characters. These are now properly sanitised when constructing the name of the zip file.
  • In the Manage Competition screen, now only sort options that are relevant for the Competition at that time are displayed.
  • The Default tab in the Options screen contains some default values for newly created Competitions. An additional default value for whether the Competitions use scores or places has been added. This has been set to scores to align with the previous mode of operation, so only needs changing if you prefer to use places.
  • Wherever cutoff values for scores or places are specified (mainly when importing scores) and Entries could be sourced from multiple Competitions, separate dropdowns for scores and places are now provided. The appropriate one will be used according to the setting of each source Competition. This resolves a number of inconsistencies in the import mechanism.
  • A new screen has been added to allow manual override of Presentation Sequence Numbers. It can be found in the Manage Competition screen on the Actions tab (once the Competition status has been set to Closed). If you want to manually specify the presentation order, enable Presentation Sequences then use this screen to adjust them to the order you need.
  • Some additional browser-side validation has been added to some fields, particularly the Entry/Image screens used by members during upload. These now react immediately if prohibited characters are typed into a field (e.g. Entry Title) rather than waiting until the form is submitted.
  • A few anomalies in the characters that are accepted in title and reference fields have been corrected. This will only affect values entered from now on.
25 November 2020 35.15
  • The warning messages to "please wait" while something completes are now rather more prominent.
  • Big warnings have been added to the login and start viewing screens if we detect use of Internet Explorer. It is obsolete, buggy, insecure, and will not work properly with PhotoEntry.
23 November 2020 35.14
  • A few admin functions can take a few seconds (such as activating Viewings, sending emails to large numbers of Users). There are now checks to detect when you have used the browser Back button to escape out of one of these. An error message will be given if you try to continue before the last function is complete.
  • Not strictly part of the release itself, but... We have identified a problem in our email servers that seems to have been introduced during the last system upgrade. This has been causing 13 second delays when accepting emails from PhotoEntry, and has led to some of you doing as described in the previous point. This delay has now been resolved.
20 November 2020 35.13
  • Image titles, Entry/Image references, Zip custom text, Authors, and Class names are fields that can be inserted into zip download filenames. These are now subject to the same restrictions as Entry titles always have been, ensuring that they are filename-friendly.
  • The Accept Without Resizing option has been split into two options, one that generates a warning for over-sized images and one that does not. Existing settings will use the one with a warning.
  • Activating a Viewing for a large Competition, especially one allowing high image dimensions, can take a minute or two. This change prevents concurrent activations of the same Competition.
  • The code for handling note, score and grade updates from Viewings has been rewritten to be faster, and to eliminate a couple of timing holes. Other than that you should not notice any difference.
9 November 2020 35.12
  • When cloning a Competition Group, Viewing information could be inadvertently carried forward to the new Group. This could lead to Viewings being activated unexpectedly. This bug has been fixed.
6 November 2020 35.11
  • Ensure that the download zip filename preview name fields are accurate when the global name format setting is "LastName, FirstName".
3 November 2020 35.10
  • The expiry time limit for a Judge Viewing has been raised from 14 to 30 days.
  • An additional Viewing option has been added for when Users are viewing images. If set a User will not see his/her own images until the Competition status has been set to Judged. This will be of use when Users are scoring their own Competition, but you wish to prevent a User scoring his/her own images.
  • When reviewing scoring results from external judges and/or internal Users, the average score is now presented both as a higher resolution score (to 3 decimal places) and as the rounded down score (taking into account whether half-scores are used). This will help you differentiate between very close scores if you wish. The same two values are also exported to the CSV file.
  • Despite its description, the UserFullName zip field resulted in "FirstName LastName" or "LastName, FirstName" as set in Options. This field has now been split into two fields, one for each. Existing zip formats have been adjusted according to the default in Options to preserve current behaviour.
  • When image resizing is set to "Accept without resizing", an oversized image would be accepted with no warning. This will now generate a warning, but the image will still be accepted as before.
  • In Options, the Administrator Email Address field has been renamed to Contact Email Address to more accurately reflect its usage.
25 September 2020 35.9
  • The Viewer name in the Viewing CSV export file is now correct (it was showing the name of the entrant when the result had been entered by another user).
23 September 2020 35.8
  • Presentation Sequence has been added to the Viewing CSV export file.
11 September 2020 35.7
  • We are reviewing license numbers versus active users. We are aware that some clubs use generic accounts for administrative purposes, and also for accounts for other clubs when hosting inter-club competitions. There is a new option on the Manage User screen to flag that the account is not for a financial member. Please go through your users and set this flag where appropriate. The counts shown in the Users screen will then properly reflect your licensing. Over the next day we will go through the users setting the obvious ones. We do ask that you keep these up to date, and contact us if you are exceeding your license count.
9 September 2020 35.6
  • When importing Viewing scores into a Competition, you may now choose to import the average scores from all Viewers. This allows a form of voting, while still keeping the official scores in the designated range. Average scores are displayed in the Review Viewing Data screen. This is only available when using scores, not places.
  • You can now download a CSV file of the Viewing data.
  • You can now set your Competitions to automatically close after the Close Date. This setting is in the Options screen, and affects all of your Competitions. Auto-Closing is performed at 4am each morning. Only Competitions with status "Open" will be closed. If you subsequently re-open a Competition it will auto-close again the next morning.
27 August 2020 35.5
  • Reinstate import of Viewing scores.
  • When allowing Users to see all Viewing notes, show the official score, rather than all of the individual Viewer scores.
23 August 2020 35.4
  • Temporarily disable import of Viewing scores while we investigate a problem.
17 August 2020 35.3
  • Fix a problem updating Viewing scores when notes are disabled.
  • Ensure the Viewing navigation buttons always work correctly when neither notes nor scores are enabled.
  • When an administrator imports Entries into a Competition and specifies a new User with the original one copied to the Author field, ensure that the Author field is properly set.
15 August 2020 35.2
  • Viewings now allow Judges and/or Users to enter scores/places as well as notes. An additional option has been added to import scores from a viewer (usually a Judge) into the Competition, replacing any existing scores.
20 July 2020 35.1
  • Viewings have been enhanced to allow greater control over running full-screen, zooming and navigation. There is now also a separate Viewing FAQ for users and judges.
16 July 2020 35.0
  • Allow many more special characters to be entered in Viewing notes, and ensure they are rendered correctly on screens and in emails.
  • Workaround a bug in the Safari browser that was causing text and line overlaps at the top of the Viewing screen.
  • Add a warning to Viewings about not using Internet Explorer. Support for IE is now deprecated.
  • The Download Zip file mechanism has been changed. Generation of the zip file will now take place first, and you will be given a link to download it. The link will be valid for 5 days, and you can continue to use PhotoEntry while downloads are in progress.
  • You can no longer delete or forget an Administrator. Remove their admin status first if you wish to do this.
17 May 2020 34.1
  • Correct glitch creating a new Competition Group.
17 May 2020 34.0
  • This release replaces Judge Previews with Viewings. Existing Judge Previews will continue to work, but new ones cannot be created. Please create Viewings instead. Details are in the Admin FAQ.
  • The tabulation of Entry Reports for panel Competitions has been improved.
  • The Entry Report default setting (in Options) for hiding the Presentation Sequence Number was not working. It has been replaced with one for showing the Presentation Sequence Number.
14 Apr 2020 33.14
  • There is an additional Judge Preview option to display the User's name. This may be useful for distributing a preview that has been judged to your own users. Just don't set it when sending to an external judge!
29 Mar 2020 33.13
  • Fix problem creating new Judge Previews introduced in 33.12.
29 Mar 2020 33.12
  • Text on the Login and Forgotten Password screens has been changed to clarify the distinction between User Id and Email Address.
  • Judge Preview notes maximum length has been increased from 250 to 600 characters.
  • Judge Previews now have a setting for the Notes. Enabled is as before, and this has been set for all existing Previews. Readonly can be used after a judge has make notes. It is then safe to send the Preview link to other members as they will be able to see but not modify the notes. Disabled removes notes altogether. Note that if you send a Preview link out to members there is no way to stop the Images being saved locally, and if a member forwards or posts the preview link the images will be available to anyone who has that link.
  • The grey border around Judge Preview images is now selectable from 4 colours. This allows you to choose the best background for the current image.
  • Clicking on a Judge Preview image will now zoom the image. Zoomed Images will fit within the browser window, maintaining the aspect ratio. An Image will only ever be down-scaled; if the browser window is larger than the Image it will show with the selected background colour. Clicking anywhere on a zoomed Image screen reverts to the normal screen.
22 Mar 2020 33.11
  • When bulk importing Entries into a Competition, all Entries are now preselected when no cutoff score/grade is specified.
  • Performance has been improved when bulk importing large numbers of Entries into a Competition.
17 Jan 2020 33.10
  • Some additional characters are now allowed in web site URLs (custom links and judge websites), particularly % and &.
  • Ensure the help text reflects title sizes when a lower size than default has been selected. Also enforce the size limit on Image titles as well as Entry titles.
  • The sort method on string fields is now more English-friendly, particularly with regard to spaces. This was evident when e.g. sorting Entries by title.
23 Nov 2019 33.9
  • Fix a bug introduced in 33.8 that prevented new Series being created.
17 Nov 2019 33.8
  • When an administrator is importing Entries into a Competition, existing Entries will now not be duplicated.
  • An option has been added to the administrator Import Entries function to copy the User name to Author, and to overwrite the User name to that of a specified User. This can be useful when creating Entries for an interclub Competition that you are hosting.
  • A Series parameter has been added to limit the number of each User's Entries drawn from Competitions with the same Close Date.
  • Competitions with the same Close Date listed in Series tables are now always in alphabetical order, as they are in other screens.
  • You can now download Zip files of Entries regardless of the Competition state. You will get a warning if the Competition is Open (and can be modified by other Users).
  • The text on the email sent to new Users and for password resets has been modified a little.
  • Multiple email addresses can now be specified to receive Top Images emails. They should be entered separated by semicolons (;). Administrators no longer automatically receive a copy of these emails. If you want to still receive them, add the administrator email address to the Top Iamges email list.
  • Explicit confirmation screens have been added for the Delete User and Delete Competition functions.
11 Oct 2019 33.7
  • Ensure that Entry Report settings on the Options screen are not duplicated on other tabs.
  • Correct misleading error message when a malformed Custom URL entered on the Options screen.
10 Sep 2019 33.6
  • Fix a problem sorting competition entries by title introduced in 33.5.
9 Sep 2019 33.5
  • On the Manage Competition screen, another sorting option has been added to display Entries by descending place/score.
  • Additional options have been added to the Entry Report screen, allowing almost all fields to be selectable. The default settings for these can be set on a new tab in the Options screen.
  • You can now correctly set importable Competitions when the Competition Group is inactive. Previously this was throwing an error.
21 Jun 2019 33.4
  • When configuring a Series that includes a Competition that uses places/grades rather than scores, a value can now be supplied for Entries that did not have a place/grade entered. By default this is zero.
27 Apr 2019 33.3
  • Inclusion of User membership numbers on Entry Reports is now a separate option. Even if selected, it will be overridden if User names are being hidden for low scores.
  • Thumbnail images may now be included on Entry Reports for panel Competitions.
7 Apr 2019 33.2
  • When an Entry Report had been constructed with the Hide Names option selected, this option was being lost when emailing the report. This has now been fixed.
3 Mar 2019 33.1
  • A Cull Entries action is now available (on the Actions tab of the Manage Competition screen). This allows you to reduce the number of Entries if you end up with too many. See the Admin FAQ for details.
18 Feb 2019 33.0
  • When sending emails PhotoEntry now attempts to give more information regarding invalid email addresses, and will send as many of the acceptable ones as possible.
  • Generating a zip file of entries now strips out any asterisks ("*") from fields such as Distinctions. Windows 10 silently ignores such files when reading a zip file.
  • If hide-names is set in an Entry Report, Presentation Sequence numbers will no longer be hidden.
  • When attempting to upload an oversized image (i.e. greater than 10MB) the error message at the bottom of the screen is now coloured red to indicate an error.
  • After an upload error such as incorrect dimensions, the message pane at the top of the screen is cleared after you have browsed to a new file. The prevents outdated error messages being displayed at that time.
  • A new option has been added to allow greater control over incorrect or missing colour profiles. The default value is the current behaviour, which generates a warning. You may now select whether or not to reject uploads with an incorrect profile, and whether a missing profile is treated as being sRGB IEC61966-2.1. If you change the settings after Images have been uploaded, existing ones that do not meet the criteria are flagged with a red error and will not be eligible for downloading into Competitions.
  • Generating an Entry Report for a Competition with no judges, not grouped by Class and in a printable format will now work correctly instead of throwing an error.
  • Handling of password resets has been improved so that the user may attempt to log in again immediately even if they were locked out for 5 minutes.
9 Jan 2019 32.19
  • You can now clone an entire Competition Group. This includes all of the Competitions and Series within that Competition Group. Any Entries themselves are of course not cloned. The new Competition Group is set Inactive so that Users won't see it until you are happy with it and mark it Active. Before doing that you should manually update the Competition Close Dates and any other changed information such as judges. The cloned Competitions will all have status Future so you will need to set these to Open before Entries can be made.
10 Dec 2018 32.18
  • A tweak to the Entry Report email changes in the previous release: Entry report emails are now only sent to active Users who have a Class assignment for the Category of the Competition (regardless of whether Max Entries is zero), and to users with delegated administrative rights to that Competition. This allows e.g. prospective members to be assigned to a Prospective Class (with Max Entries=0), so they cannot enter but will get the Entry Report emails.
  • Web service getCompetitionGroupList allows visibility of all Groups even when the administrator doesn't have a Class assignment.
  • Impersonate User now shows the correct filtered list of Competition Groups on the Main Menu screen displayed in response to starting the impersonation.
6 Dec 2018 32.17 The changes in this release will help clubs that run both internal and inter-club Competitions. If the inter-club ones are set up as described in the Admin FAQ, these changes will prevent interclub members seeing internal Competition Groups, published Series tables, and from receiving internal ad-hoc emails:

  • Entry report emails are now only sent to active Users who are permitted to enter that Competiton, or have delegated administrative rights to that Competition.
  • Competition Groups are now only visible to Users who are permitted to enter at least one Competition in that Group.
  • Ad-hoc emails now required selection of one or more Categories. The emails are only sent to Users who have a Class assignment to at least one of the selected Categories.
  • A small number of input validation improvements.
8 Nov 2018 32.16
  • Fix error introduced in 32.14 when failing to create a new Competition due to validation errors.
6 Nov 2018 32.15
  • Fix error introduced in 32.14 when creating new Competition.
6 Nov 2018 32.14
  • Internal changes only.
31 Oct 2018 32.13
  • Presentation Sequence numbers are now unique within a Class of a Competition, rather than the whole Competition. This allows for better interleaving of user entries, and eliminates the Presentation Sequence Clash error that could happen very occasionally.
  • The top-level domain of an email address is no longer restricted to 9 letters.
25 Oct 2018 32.12
  • Fix bug introduced in 32.10 where generating an printable entry report fails where no judges have been defined.
19 Oct 2018 32.11
  • Series sorted by Average rather than Total now properly display the Average columns and explanatory text to non-administrators.
18 Oct 2018 32.10
  • The semantics of image minimum size when used with "Accept only if resizing not required" have changed. Previously with that option it was not possible to submit an image between the minimum and target dimensions. It now allows that. To preserve existing behaviour we have set minimum dimensions equal to target dimensions for existing Competitions using that resize option. You may reduce the minimum dimensions as you wish to make use of the new behaviour. Remember that newly created Competitions will have the default minimum size values set in Options. You may wish to revisit what you have set in Options.
  • The algorithm for allocating presentation sequence numbers has been reworked to try to avoid adjacent Entries from the same User. It is not always possible, especially where there are a small number of Entries, or where Entries are subsequently deleted. However it should be a big improvement on the previous algorithm. If the Separate Author Field Required option is selected, the algorithm works using a combined Club and Author field.
  • Headings on printable Entry Reports have been tidied.
14 Oct 2018 32.9
  • Fix an error when starting a Preview that could occur under rare circumstances.
8 Oct 2018 32.8
  • Fix a few crumbtrail navigation problems for delegated administrators.
  • Fix an error when attempting to send an empty ad-hoc email.
  • Show a more meaningful message when a non-existant/expired Preview is requested.
25 Sep 2018 32.7
  • When uploading results from integrated projection software (e.g. Di Centra, FFP), the upload would fail if any Awards were present, but Awards were not enabled for that Competition. PhotoEntry will now automatically enable Awards when that occurs. Leaving Awards disabled until needed has the advantage that the Awards column does not appear in Entry Reports, etc.
  • Internal auditing and exception handling improvements.
17 Sep 2018 32.6
  • A reminder that the security change announced on 7 August will happen on 30 September. Please see the news article. Users connecting to PhotoEntry with an obsolete browser that does not support the modern standards will now see a warning on the Login page. If the User does not upgrade their browser they will not be able to use PhotoEntry. We will monitor occurrences and may email details to administrators.
  • Where a User sees warning or error messages associated with an Image, the help text has always been available by hovering over the message. However it was not obvious that this could be done. Where help text is available a "query" symbol now appears beside the message, and is available by hovering over or clicking on the "query" symbol.
  • Allow minimum dimensions to be set equal to maximum dimensions.
  • Properly validate Distinctions when entered by the User.
8 Sep 2018 32.5
  • Minimum Image dimensions now only apply when both width and height are less than the minimum values.
  • The Competition Comment field can now contain a wider variety of characters.
  • If Series Analysis is enabled, the Ranked Scores can now be sorted by Total or by Average Score.
  • When allowing a User to import Entries into a Competition, as well as limiting the Competitions they can choose from you can also now specify a minimum score or grade.
  • When a User imports into a Competition, PhotoEntry now checks if the same Entry has already been imported.
  • Fix a bug where updating User Details would fail if Options\Website Top Images was set to anything other than Allow User to Select.
2 Sep 2018 32.4
  • When allowing Users to import Entries from existing Competitions, you can now specify which Competitions may be imported from.
  • Allow minimum Image dimensions to be specified. These are independent of any resizing options, and can be used to prevent e.g. accidental uploading of thumbnails.
  • When uploading an Image into a panel Competition, the Image Title field is always shown. Filling in the field is optional unless the administrator has specified that Image Titles for Panels are mandatory.
  • Move the Image Titles for Panels option from the Number tab to the Image tab where it more sensibly belongs.
  • The uploadResults web service now allows lenient processing to be specified. This will prevent an entire upload failing if the an individual Entry or Image is no longer in the Competition.
  • The uploadResults web service now has more stringent validation of scores.
  • Fix a bug where the score entry dropdown in Manage Competetion could incorrectly display the maximum score if certain Competition parameters had been changed since the score was entered.
  • Fix a bug where updating a image with an empty title could cause a crash if an explicit maximum title length had been specified.
18 Aug 2018 32.3
  • Change the Series Analysis to show total and average eligible scores per user rather than cumulatively.
8 Aug 2018 32.2
  • When an Entry Report is generated for a Competition in the Judged state, there is an existing option to hide the User's name etc based on the score or grade. This has been rationalised so that there is a new and default threshold of "Never Hide", unscored Entries no longer have the name unconditionally shown, and names for Entries with Awards are never hidden.
  • Some additional analysis can be included in the Series results tables. Whether these are visible are controlled by the Series option "Visibility of Series Analysis Tables" where you can make them visible to everyone, only administrators, or no-one. Additional explanatory text is placed above the tables. The analysis includes cumulative entries and cumulative average scores on the Ranked Scores tables, and a separate Score Analysis table showing actual and cumulative numbers of each score.
  • There is an additional Series option to drop the "n" lowest-scoring Competition results for each User from the calculation. Leave this blank to retain existing behaviour.
  • Administrators have a slightly different view of things, allowing them to e.g. make various changes after a Competition has closed. Sometimes it is useful to see exactly what normal Users would see. If an administrator clicks on their name (top right corner) then on Show Details, there is a new option to Show or Hide Admin Functions. This allows an administrator to relinquish and resinstate their administrator status for the duration of the current session only. (This is not stored, so at the next login they will always have full administrator status back again).
  • Please also read the News article about a Security Update which will happen soon.
25 Jul 2018 32.1
  • Don't allow a Competition to be deleted if it has Judge Previews.
25 Jul 2018 32.0
  • The Judge Preview feature has been enhanced. Images are pre-fetched into the browser allowing the judge to flip between the images more quickly. The judge's email address is now taken when setting up a Preview, and access details may be emailed to the judge. The Judge may now also make notes online while browsing the images. These will appear in the score sheet that can be viewed and printed, or emailed to the judge. The Admin FAQ has been updated with further information.
  • A new competition attribute for panel competitions (on the "Number" tab) allows image titles to be made mandatory. When set, image titles are requested during the upload process, and are also displayed on the Judge Preview.
13 Jul 2018 31.0
  • The Judge Preview feature is now available. See the Admin FAQ for details.
7 Jul 2018 30.2
  • When generating an Entry Report, thumbnails were always being suppressed when names were hidden. Thumbnails are now always shown whenever Show Images is selected.
  • The example filenames for Zip Formats now correctly reflect the Option for last-first name order.
25 Jun 2018 30.2
  • Fix a problem where a Chrome or Chromium browser could not download a zip file for a Competition with a comma or semi-colon in its name.
18 Jun 2018 30.1
  • Notify administrators when they are logging into a new version of PhotoEntry.
15 Jun 2018 30.0
  • Add Competition option to allow Users to import Entries from other existing Competitions. See the Admin FAQ for details.
  • If a User has Entries in more than one Class for a particular Competition, ensure that they are displayed grouped by Class and that re-ordering works within Class. This can happen after a change in Class while a Competiion is open, or by an administrator changing the Class of an Entry.
  • Add an option to the getEntryList web service to allow invalid Entries to be included. This allows better error detection by integrated projection software such as Di Centra.
  • Extend the existing option that forces titles to be uppercased to include several other uppercasing options (e.g. first letter of each word, first letter of each word with others lowercased, etc).
  • Allow Users to edit their own Distinctions (by clicking on their name, then on Show Details).
  • Allow two delegated administrators for a Competition instead of only one.
  • Administrators may now embed a direct web link to a Competition on their own web site, or even within emails. The link can be found at the bottom of the General tab of the Manage Competition screen. When Users click on this link, they will be taken directly to the corresponding Competition page (after login if necessary).
  • Add two Competition attributes and associated API operations to allow integrated projection software to store state information.
8 Jun 2018 29.2
  • Fix a bug in the web service getCompetitionList where the Maximum Entries for a Class could sometimes report 1 instead of 0.
8 May 2018 29.1
  • Add further option to Import Entries function to select whether Entry Classes are preserved or set to a particular Class.
6 May 2018 29.0
  • Allow an admin to build a new Competition by importing selected Entries from other Competitions. See the Admin FAQ for details.
  • Add Forget User function to help with GDPR obligations. See the Privacy Statements and Admin FAQ for details.
  • When downloading images in a zip file, output empty fields as an empty string instead of "null".
  • Distinctions, Entry Award and Image Award are now available as fields in the Zip file formats.
  • Top Images Email Options have been reworked. There are now two separate emails that can be sent, and options for each can be configured. See the Admin FAQ for details.
  • CSV exports now use a comma as the separator (with appropriate quoting) to provide better compatibility with older spreadsheets.
  • A CSV export of User data is now available.
  • A warning will now appear at the bottom of the login screen if the browser does not have javascript enabled.
31 Mar 2018 n/a
  • Don't impose PhotoEntry security constraints (Content Security Policy Sandbox) on sites opened using custom links. This particularly affected links to Google Docs which could fail in various ways according to the browser.
17 Mar 2018 28.6
  • Fix some validation errors on the Series settings screen.
  • Include Membership Number in the Entry Report if at least one User with Entries has a number.
22 Feb 2018 28.5
  • Tweak the CSV export to expose sequenceNumber instead of the internal entrySortOrder.
21 Feb 2018 28.4
  • A CSV export of Entry/Image information is now available in the Actions tab of the Manage Competition screen. The export contains one row per Image, with fields separated by a pipe character (|).
  • The Entries on the Manage Competition screen can now be sorted by User, Presentation Sequence, or Title. The latter can be useful for entering scores when only the Title has been announced.
  • A Competition attribute has been added in the General tab to reduce the maximum length of titles below the default maximum of 50 characters.
  • PhotoEntry will now decline to process uploaded images with excessive dimensions (usually as a result of an export error from editing software). Limits are currently set to 8300x5600. Previously this could lead to an OutOfMemory error.
  • An administrator can now impersonate an Inactive User.
14 Jan 2018 28.3
  • Correct problem in 28.2 that in rare circumstances could cause an exception.
13 Jan 2018 28.2
  • Add user option (in User Details) to switch to simple forms of pages that contain Javascript (e.g. image upload screen). This will accommodate older browsers that may have problems with those pages.
  • Change the error message given when an Entry has the wrong number of Images. It now instructs the User to add the required number of Images.
  • The Manage Competition screen now issues a warning for each User that has more than the allowed number of Entries in any Class. This helps administrators who have reduced the number of allowed Entries to identify those that need to be deleted.
  • Revoke access immediately if a User is marked Inactive (instead of at next login).
16 Dec 2017 28.1
  • Don't include scores in Series calculations until the Competition is Judged.
  • Clarify wording in Series screens about values being per User.
  • Always show the brief help about Entry Title.
  • Warn if a series Normal Entries is greater than the sum of the constituent Competitions' Maximum Entries.
  • Fix bug whereby administrator status could be lost when overriding the saved publishing preference of an impersonated User.
  • Add ability to remember UserID between logins.
  • Correct handling of a User being deleted while actively using PhotoEntry.
1 Dec 2017 28.0
  • A Competition can now be moved to another Competition Group, providing there isn't already one of that name, and that the Competition is not part of a Series (remove it from the Series first).
21 Nov 2017 27.7
  • On the Manage Competition screen, don't show scores/awards or offer the Update Entries button unless the Competition status is Closed or Judged.
  • Correct wording of warning about undersized Images.
  • Fix field validation for Zip Format Custom Text.
  • Add additional error message about retrying if an Image is rejected due to its dimensions.
17 Nov 2017 27.6
  • Enhance the image upload to use a custom "browse" button, and check file size before attempting to upload.
  • On the Manage Competition screen, duplicate the "Update Scores" button at the top and bottom of the table of Entries.
  • Add option for custom text to be specified as a Zip Format Field option.
  • Fix bug in Entry Report where switching from printable to screen formats continued to open a new tab.
  • Align fonts with the main web site.
7 Nov 2017 27.5
  • Internal changes to eliminate inline javascript.
29 Oct 2017 27.4
  • Internal changes.
18 Oct 2017 27.3
  • Allow Entry Reports containing thumbnail images to be emailed to Active Users. Images for Entries marked as Do Not Publish are not included.
16 Oct 2017 27.2
  • Add Series option to allow the Series to be viewable by Users.
  • Add button to generate printable/paginated Series results.
16 Oct 2017 27.1
  • Fix crash when sorting entry report by score/place (bug introduced in 27.0).
13 Oct 2017 27.0
  • Major internal optimisation of database access.
11 Oct 2017 26.3
  • Fix logo scaling on printable entry reports.
  • Split entry reports into separate tables, and include pagination when printing.
  • Open printable entry reports in a new tab.
  • Tidy Manage Competition screen when there are no entries.
6 Oct 2017 26.2
  • Fix null pointer exception when Entry title has invalid format and automatic title uppercasing is enabled.
  • Add Entry Report option to omit user/author names when status is not Judged.
  • Add Option to strip special characters from Top Images attachment names (workaround for Microsoft Outlook bug).
  • Internal optimisations.
3 Oct 2017 26.1
  • Fix null pointer exception after updating zip format (bug introduced in 26.0).
29 Sep 2017 26.0
  • Allow Users to be sorted by Membership Number.
  • Web Service - correct name of competitionStatusDesc field.
  • Allow up to 2 custom links to external sites to be added to the left menu.
  • Enhance Download Zipfile to allow score/place cutoff values, and to preview the number of Entries and Images to be downloaded.
  • Add "inactive" flag to the Competition Group list.
  • Warn if an admin is adding an Entry to a non-Open Competition.
  • Enhance the image upload screen to hide the Upload button until a file is selected, only search for JPG files (if supported in the browser), and to replace the Upload button with a "please wait" message while uploading. (This will be enabled shortly).
21 Sep 2017 25.0
  • Major update of internal libraries.
21 Sep 2017 24.20
  • Internal fix for organisation maintenance.
21 Sep 2017 24.19
  • Correct title on Entries email (was saying Results).
  • Remove links to original/resized images from Entry report with images.
17 Sep 2017 24.18
  • Strip all '1 enUS(...)' from colour profile names (created by Google software).
  • Strip invalid characters from profile names (created by Google Nexus phones).
  • Handle Exif 'Color Space = 2' which implies AdobeRGB (1998).
14 Sep 2017 24.17
  • Cater for profile names such as '1 enUS(sRGB IEC61966-2.1)'.
14 Sep 2017 24.16
  • Top-images emails are now batched with up to 10 images per email to avoid large emails.
  • Images without an embedded colour profile, but with the Exif "Color Space" attribute set to 1, are now treated as though they have the standard sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile (the same way that Photoshop treats such images).
10 Sep 2017 24.15
  • Tighten logon process to not reveal whether a UserID is valid.
  • Add ability for an Entry report to be sorted by title.
  • Add Competition attribute to force Entry and Image titles to uppercase. Also added global Option to specify this as a default for new Competitions.
  • Add global Option to allow User names to be shown as "Last, First" instead of "First Last".
  • Minor formatting tweaks.
6 Sep 2017 24.14
  • When an uploaded Image has no colour profile, issue an informational success message that it is assumed to be standard sRGB.
  • Correct display of Series weightings.
  • Correct remembering publishing options, and display full publish status description.
  • Various formatting tweaks.
  • Correct size of Entry and Image Reference fields.
24 Aug 2017 24.13
  • Prevent incorrectly resizing image that required change (e.g. orientation) when Resize Type is AcceptWithout Resizing.
22 Aug 2017 24.12
  • Add User last login to Users screen.
  • Correct display of image warnings in entry section of panel competition (eliminate duplicates).
  • Add warnings about unusual Competition configurations.
  • Increase judge website address max length from 50 to 250.
  • Ensure errors in tabbed input screens show the relevant tab.
  • Add explanatory text in placeholder for reference fields.
18 Aug 2017 24.11
  • Add Change Entry Class button.
  • Fix some Delegated Administration privilege problems.
16 Aug 2017 24.10
  • Include all information in generated emails on screen version of Entry Reports.
  • Internal auditing and organisation maintenance fixes.
14 Aug 2017 24.9
  • Don't hide Entry TItle in Entry Report when hiding User name.
14 Aug 2017 24.8
  • Add Entry Report to provide customisable reports and replace existing email reports.
  • Simplify adding another Entry.
  • Fix some inconsistencies where admin buttons could be shown but not used.
  • Add some missing popup help.
  • Fix email icon not working when an email address was used as the UserID.
  • Internal database optimisations.
7 Aug 2017 24.7 This is now the production version.

Minor changes:
  • Manage Competition Group - add entry counts for each Competition.
  • Enhance some messages when adding Entries.
6 Aug 2017 24.6
  • Shorten some menu items.
  • Correct Series tie-break calculation.
  • Implement View by Presentation Sequence screen.
5 Aug 2017 24.5
  • Position help popups automatically to prevent going off right side of screen.
  • Add missing help popups.
  • Manage Competition - move actions buttons to a separate tab.
  • Implement Series screens.
  • Align font sizes in input and select fields across various browsers.
1 Aug 2017 24.4
  • Fix crash sending ad-hoc email.
  • Reformat instruction blocks to be more readable.
  • Add judges into Entry and Results emails.
  • Increase crumbtrail font size slightly.
  • Web service getEntryList - expose and order by entrySortOrder.
  • Fix padding in user details dropdown.
  • Correct rendering of Last Login when user has never logged in.
31 Jul 2017 24.3
  • Allow / in distinctions. Internal fix to adding organisations.
30 Jul 2017 24.2
  • Fix static text typos and broken superuser impersonation links.
27 Jul 2017 24.1
  • Fixed problem adding new Competitions.
27 Jul 2017 24.0 Preview version of the new user interface. This version is accessible through a different URL. 23.x remains the production version for now.
27 Jul 2017 23.4
  • Internal changes to allow co-existence with major version 24.0 (new user interface)
11 May 2017 23.3
  • Reduce session timeout from 120 minutes to 60 minutes and optimise session cleanup.
5 May 2017 23.2
  • Implement Web service API v3.
19 Apr 2017 23.0
  • Implement Web service API v2, including correction to resultCode.
10 Apr 2017 22.0
  • Extend warning of subscription expiry from one week to 30 days.
  • Prepare for web service API v2.
1 Mar 2017 21.0
  • Competitions for which a User is not eligible to make Entries are now hidden from their list of Competitions.
  • A little extra space has been added to the bottom of each screen to prevent Microsoft Edge hiding information with its flyouts.
  • Maximum Entries for a Competition now defaults to 0 instead of 1.
  • The maximum size of the Competition Judge field has been increased from 30 to 50 characters.
  • Overlapping uploads of the same image are now detected (prevents a crash screen when a user aborts an upload and immediately starts it again).
  • Classes now appear before Categories in the Options screen to better align with the FAQ.
15 Feb 2017 20.2
  • The getCompetitionList web service now only returns Competitions that the user has administrative rights over.
6 Feb 2017 20.1
  • Force UserID to be stored in lowercase (avoids "UserID not known" error and other anomalies).
25 Jan 2017 20.0
  • Include user and license counts in Users screen.
11 Jan 2017 19.0
  • An additional resize option has been added to only accept images that are correctly sized. This contrasts with the existing option for exact sizing which requires the author to pad the image to the required aspect ratio if necessary. The new option accepts the image if either the width or height (or both) are exactly the target size.
  • Added updateCompetitionStatus web service.
19 Dec 2016 18.0
  • Allow maximum entries for a particular Class to be set to zero.
  • Minor fix to web service authentication.
24 Nov 2016 17.2
  • Minor fixes to web service support.
22 Nov 2016 17.1
  • Move the 2-factor authentication code entry to a separate page to avoid upsetting password managers.
  • Allow hyphens in a UserID.
19 Nov 2016 17.0
  • Add 2-factor authentication support using Google Authenticator.
16 Nov 2016 16.0
  • Minor fixes to web service support and some internal administrative functions.
27 Oct 2016 15.0
  • Add web service support to allow DiCentra to download Competitions and upload results. Note that this functionality won't be available for you to use until a new version of Dicentra that supports this is released. If anyone has a system of their own that they would like to integrate with Photoentry please drop us an email.
18 Oct 2016 14.0 Important: It is now possible for a User to have multiple PhotoEntry accounts with different Organisations, but to use the same email address. It is also possible for two different Users to have PhotoEntry accounts with the same Organisation but with a shared email address.

Users now have a User ID and an Email Address. If the Email Address is left blank, the User ID must be a valid email address - all existing User accounts have been migrated to this format.

To specify a separate email address for a User: change their User ID to the new ID format (alphanumerics and spaces), and enter their email address in the Email Address field. User IDs must be unique throughout PhotoEntry, but the same email address can be associated with multiple User IDs.
12 Oct 2016 13.1
  • Prevent an OutOfBoundsException when calculating a Series. This only occurred in rare circumstances.
  • Issue an error when attempting to download a zip file where the zip format would lead to duplicate filenames.
6 Oct 2016 13.0
  • Important: Some users have been using the browser "Back" button, then attempting to perform actions from previous screens. This often leads to errors. When PhotoEntry detects that the Back button has been used, it will now issue an error and return to the Main Menu. The links and buttons displayed on each screen should always be used when navigating around the site.
  • On the Manage Competition screen, allow the Competition Entries to be sorted by Presentation Sequence, for easier result entry.
  • Add a warning when an uploaded image is undersized (i.e. both the width and height are less than the required dimensions).
28 Sep 2016 12.1
  • Internal email fix.
27 Sep 2016 12.0 A number of security features to help protect PhotoEntry against attack have been added. These include:
  • Preventing use of the most common passwords
  • Only allowing one password reset request to be generated at one time
  • Blocking access to an account for 5 minutes after 5 incorrect passwords
  • The format of system-generated passwords has been changed to be easier to manually type if required.
26 Sep 2016 11.0
  • Provide support for projection of Print Competitions: Add Presentation Sequence yes/no option to Competitions. If set, PhotoEntry will generate random 4-digit Presentation Sequence numbers for each Entry in that Competition. These are visible on the user and management screens that show Entry details. A new Zip File Format item has been added to allow the Presentation Sequence to appear in the filenames. Users should write the Presentation Sequence number of the back of each physical print. At the start of the actual Competition prints should be arranged in ascending Presentation Sequence order. A conventional photo viewer that can cycle through files in alphanumeric order can then be used to project the images in the matching order.
  • Correct more navigation links to Competitions.
24 Sep 2016 10.1
  • Correct links to Competitions on the Entry Summary page.
23 Sep 2016 10.0
  • A new Competition attribute, Minimum Entries, has been added. If a User does not have at least this number of valid entries in the Competition, all of their Entries in the Competition will be marked as invalid and not processed.
  • Allow nomination of a User (which in an inter-club scenario would be a club) to have limited administrative authority over a particular Competition (changing Status, reviewing and deleting Entries, entering results, sending emails). An expiry date for the delegation may be specified.
  • Add PhotoEntry versioning and display on login and main menu pages.
10 Sep 2016
  • When adding a new user, correctly check for the user email address already existing in another organisation.
7 Sep 2016
  • Trap image manipulation exceptions (e.g. from corrupt jpeg files) and output as upload error message instead of traceback.
4 Sep 2016
  • On the Entry screen, the checkbox for remembering publising preferences is now preserved if there is an error in the entry title.
  • Entry Reference, Image Title and Image Reference can now be added as Zip file format fields.
11 Aug 2016
  • You can now clone a Competition (within a Competition Group). On the Manage Competition screen, modify any settings you want to (particularly the Competition Name) and click on Create New Competition.
5 Aug 2016 Important: It is now possible to explicitly configure the format of filenames in the downloaded zip file. When you click on "Download Entries Zip File" you now see a screen that allow you to define formats. If you do not have any format, a default one will be created automatically. The default format is suitable for many competitions, but some administrators might wish to remove the Image Number from the end. (You will still need a format that includes Image Number for panel competitions). Please see the updated Admin FAQ section "How do I download entries from a Competition?" for more details.

The "Downloaded Zip File Keyed By" option has been removed. If you wish to include membership numbers as well as or instead of names please create a new format. If any membership numbers are missing, the word "null" will appear in the filename.

The "Include Sequence No in Zip Filenames" Competition attribute has also been removed. Again, create a new format according to how you would like this to appear.
30 Jul 2016
  • An Option has been added to set the default Colour Profile to be used when creating Competitions. This can still be overridden for individual Competitions.
29 Jul 2016
  • A Series option MaxPerAuthor has been added. This is for use in inter-club scenarios when the Competition attribute "Separate Author Field Required" has been set. By default it is 0 (no limit). If it is set, then within each component Competition, only MaxPerAuthor entries from the same Author will be considered. Author names are matched using a case-insensitive comparison, and any entries without an Author are excluded. Note that the Author field is free-format, so "F Bloggs" in one Entry will not match "Fred Bloggs" in another.
22 Jul 2016
  • The option to require exact image dimensions has been replaced with an Image Resizing option. It has 3 possible values: Resize if required, Reject if incorrectly sized, and Accept without resizing. This applies both to individual Competitions, and to the default value set in Options. Existing values have been set to the appropriate new ones so there should be no change in behaviour. You can however now choose to accept images of any dimensions.
  • Target colour profile (sRGB or Adobe RGB) can now be specified for a Competition. It defaults to sRGB. [UPDATE: It now defaults to the value specified in Options]
  • For panel Competitions (those where Max Images per Entry >= 2): Allow users to add optional Image Title and Image Reference fields for each individual Image. Also allow administrators to optionally enter an Image Score/Place and Image Award for each individual Image. These will be recorded and displayed, but are not used in calculations etc. Only the Score/Place is validated.
  • You may now explicitly enter a score of 0 (e.g. for disqualification). A place/grade of "Disqualified" has been added.
  • You may now enter up to 3 judges & websites for each Competition.
17 Jul 2016
  • Award information can now be entered for each Entry. To enable this you must set the "Enable use of Awards" Competition setting. Awards are free-format, and are displayed along with the Score/Place.
  • An optional Entry Reference field is now available that the User can use to store arbitrary reference information about the Entry.
  • Competitions with the same Close Date were appearing in an indeterminate order. They are now alphabetical (for the same Close Date).
26 Jun 2016
  • When assigning scores to places within a Series, the maximum score was hard-coded at 10. The default maximum score set in Options is now used instead.
25 Jun 2016
  • Attempting to download the zip file for a Competition with no valid entries now correctly issues the error message instead of crashing.
  • In order to reduce the size of some error and warning messages, hover-based tips are being introduced. A shorter message is displayed on the screen, but hovering over it will provide a fuller explanation. Messages that you can hover over have a dotted underline.
  • Screens that display panel Competitions (those where Max Images per Entry >= 2) have been changed as the screens were becoming too wide for many devices. Individual Images within an Entry are now displayed beneath the Entry information. This also prepares for another change that adds more attributes to Images.
  • Mandatory text input fields are now marked with an "*".
  • The font colour and weight for warnings has been changed to make it more easily visible.
  • The Entry Summary screen could occasionally split Entries for a Competition, rather than grouping them together. This only occurred when there were multiple Competitions with the same closing date. They are now always grouped correctly.
18 May 2016
  • On the Manage Competition screen, the Enter Scores and Update Classes buttons have been combined into a single Update Entries button. This allows changes to be made to both classes and scores/grades simultaneously.
16 May 2016
  • It is now possible for an administrator to update the Class that an Entry was submitted in. On the Manage Competition screen the Class for each Entry is now displayed as a dropdown, and there is an Update Classes button below the entry summary. Any affected Series will automatically update.
15 May 2016
  • Styling of emails is now working again.
13 May 2016
  • Additional weighting capabilities have been added to Series definitions. The existing weightings apply to candidate scores from each individual component competition. Once the candidate scores for each Competition have been combined and sorted, the new weightings are applied to the combined list. You may weight the first (highest) score, the remaining Normal Entries, and any Tie Break Entries.
  • For graded Competitions, PhotoEntry was not consistently differentiating between no grade entered, Not Selected, and Selected. These are now treated correctly, particularly in Series definitions.
12 May 2016
  • A Competition option has been added to allow the Judge to be hidden until the Competition is closed.
11 May 2016 Series are no longer tied to Categories. This means you are free to define Series that operate over any Competitions (within the Competition Group). You can also now change whether a Series is By-Class after it has been created. This also means that new clubs do not need to choose Categories so carefully at the outset.
10 May 2016 Setting a Competition minimum score to 0 now works as expected.
3 May 2016 Attempts to upload images larger than the 10 MB limit has caused confusion. PhotoEntry has had to forcibly close the connection to protect itself, but then the browser only sees a communications error. We now intercept uploads of between 10 and 50 MB and route them to a special server that reads and discards the upload and then displays an explanatory screen. Uploads of over 50 MB will continue to be forcibly stopped.
22 Apr 2016 PhotoEntry has now been migrated to a full high-availability configuration. All components (proxy server, application server, mail server, database, image repository, web server) are duplicated across multiple data centres with automatic load-balancing and failover. Session handling has also been reworked to take maximum advantage of this. The migration should not impact users but please report any unexpected change in behaviour.
22 Apr 2016 Wording and formatting on the image upload screen has been changed to highlight information about image upload size and colour space.
12 Apr 2016 A problem in the administrator interface has been fixed. A database error was being reported if you had more than one user but no users were assigned to any classes.
4 Apr 2016 Now that usage has increased, internal changes have been made to move the image repository into highly available and resilient storage. Some URLs have been modified but the changes should be transparent. Further enhancements to the application and database tiers will be made in the next few weeks.
4 Apr 2016 Logos are now appearing correctly in emails again. Some emails were constructed with the wrong image URL. Any generated from now on will have the correct one.
22 Mar 2016 In a graded Competition, the default grade is now none (as it used to be), rather than First.
19 Mar 2016 A new Competition attribute has been added. "Include Sequence No in Zip Filenames" supports competitions where the Entries need to be in a priority order. Users are warned to submit Entries in priority order, and the sequence number is included in the Zip filenames.
19 Mar 2016 A new Competition attribute has been added. "Separate Author Field Required" is intended to support inter-club competitions where the "User" is in fact a club. Setting this attribute requires the competing club to enter the Author along with the Title. Author is displayed on appropriate screens, appears in the Zip file names, and is used in the watermarks.
18 Mar 2016 The complete Administrator FAQ is now available. Administrators will see the link alongside the one for the normal FAQ. Please email me if you think anything is unclear or if you would like any more sections added.
18 Mar 2016 You can now change the Category of a Competition only if it is not currently part of a By-Class Series.
17 Mar 2016 The first installment of the Administrator FAQ is now available. Administrators will see the link alongside the one for the normal FAQ. The admin one will be completed over the next few days.
17 Mar 2016 Series that are not by Class may now include Competitions in any Category. Whether a Series is by Class cannot be changed after the Series is created.
16 Mar 2016 Relaxed validation of Entry Titles so that they do not need to start with a letter. The overall set of allowable characters is unchanged.
15 Mar 2016 The Competition attribute "Check Image Dimensions" was not being used by anyone. It has now been relabelled as "Require Exact Image Dimensions". If this is set, uploaded images must be exactly the correct dimensions or the image will not be accepted. A similar attribute exists in Options that sets the default value for newly created Competitions.
12 Mar 2016 You can now specify, for a Competition Group, how many entries each user is permitted across Competitions that have the same Closing Date. This caters for scenarios such as 4 Competitions being run in a night, with a User being able to enter up to 6 entries across the 4 Competitions. (Individual Competition Entry limits, and the overall Competition Group entry limit, still apply as well).
12 Mar 2016 The option to direct Entry and Results emails to administrators or active users has been split into two options, one for each type of email. The Entry email also now contains an empty score box to make it slightly easier to use as a score sheet during a competition.
10 Mar 2016 Images with self-contradictory colour space metadata will now be flagged in the colour profile warning. All colour space warnings now specify the full expected profile (if there is one) of sRGB IEC61966-2.1.
9 Mar 2016 An Administrator can now broadcast a simple email to all active Users. The email is limited to 2500 characters. Line-breaks are preserved, but no other formatting is supported.
9 Mar 2016 A new Option has been added to allow an Administrator to specify the top-images publishing option to be used. When this is set Users will no longer see the publishing option section when submitting or editing an Entry. In keeping with the rest of PhotoEntry, when Administrators are impersonating Users (even themselves), they will see the publishing section on an Entry screen and be able to override it for a particular Entry (even if the Competition is no longer Open).
9 Mar 2016 Wording changes have been made to the self-service password reset pages and emails to help clarify the process to Users.
8 Mar 2016 Self-service password reset is now available. On the login page a user may request that a password reset link is emailed to them. No other action is taken at that time, and if the user did not request the reset, the email may be safely ignored. The reset link is valid for 30 minutes. When used, a system-generated password is assigned and emailed to the user as as before.
8 Mar 2016 Passwords must now be at least 6 characters. When a system-generated password is used (after a user is created or a password reset is performed) the User must change the password to one of their choice. This is to prevent valid credentials remaining in emails for longer than necessary.
8 Mar 2016 You may now manage which of your users are administrators. By default you are permitted two administrators - if you feel you need more then contact me to discuss getting your limit raised. Please ensure that you are comfortable that any new administrators know how to use the system. PhotoEntry cannot be responsible for data loss caused by an administrator. Please also ensure that all administrators have strong passwords that cannot be guessed.
7 Mar 2016 Allow a User's Membership Number to be specified. A new Option has been created to determine whether the downloaded zip file of entries is keyed by the User's name or Membership Number. In order to select by Membership Number all Users must have Membership Numbers. When set to By Name, Membership Numbers are optional.
7 Mar 2016 Include more specific instructions and warnings for when a User attempts to upload an image without having selected the file. Navigation will now return to the Upload Screen in this case.
7 Mar 2016 The method by which emails are sent has been changed to further try to prevent them from being classified as spam by gmail, yahoo etc. Emails are now sent from an email address of where code is the Organisation Code allocated to your organisation (shown in Options). Any replies or bounce messages will be forwarded to your Administrator Email Address as set in Options.
7 Mar 2016 Warn administrators when the PhotoEntry subscription expires within 7 days.
5 Mar 2016 Fixed a problem where a User created with an uppercase character in their email address could not log in. Email addresses are now forced to lowercase when a User is created (they were already lowercased during login).
2 Mar 2016 You can now specify a maximum number of Entries that each User may have across all Competitions within a Competition Group. Set this to zero for no limit (i.e. just the normal limits within each Competition).
2 Mar 2016 PhotoEntry has always supported Panels by setting ImagesPerEntry to the panel size. Instead of this single value, you now set the minimum and maximum number of images (normal Competitions would have these both set to one). This allows for panels of e.g. 5-8 images. Users will only see the two separate values if the minimum and maximum values are different.
2 Mar 2016 In the Options screen, you can now specify default values for the maximum score, the minimum score that will be displayed when entering scores, and whether half-scores are used. These default values are used when you create a new Competition, and the values can be set for each Competition. All existing default and Competition values have been set to minimum 5, maximum 10, with half-scores enabled (i.e. how the system previously operated).
2 Mar 2016 A User's First Name may now be blank. This can be useful e.g. where the User is in fact a whole group of people (e.g. another club in an interclub scenario).
2 Mar 2016 On the Options screen, if you do not specify a Top Images Website Email Address, all references to publishing will be suppressed. In particular Users will not see the options to select whether/how their images may be published.
2 Mar 2016 Wording on the screen where Users enter an Entry Title has been expanded.
2 Mar 2016 Rather than having every Series calculated on one big page, a button to calculation each Series now appears on the Manage Series page.
2 Mar 2016 When defining a Series, different weighting values can be applied to the highest score from a particular Competition, and for any remaining scores from that Competition. A weighting of 100 is neutral - i.e. will not change the score. As an example, allowing 2 scores from a Competition with weights of 100 and 50 would include the highest score, and half the value of the next highest score.
2 Mar 2016 You can now select whether each Series is calculated by Class, or across all Classes.
2 Mar 2016 Major update: This change introduces Competition Categories. The main reason for the change is to allow Users to be in different Classes for different Categories of Competitions. Each club now has a default Category of "All Competitions", and all existing Competitions have been placed in that Category. This means that all of your existing configuration will continue to function as before. If you want to allow Users to be in different Classes, you should create further Categories (in the Options screen) and rename the default one if you wish. You will then need to edit your User definitions to indicate which Classes they should be in - the Users page has been rewritten and now provides a tabular view of the Classes each User is in, and can be sorted in various ways. The final step is to reassign the Competitions into the correct new Categories. Note that a consequence of this is that a Series can only incorporate Competitions within the same Category.
23 Feb 2016 An asterisk (*) is now accepted in the User Distinctions field.
18 Feb 2016 Required image dimensions can now be specified for each Competition. The original values in the Options screen are now the default values for a new Competition.
18 Feb 2016 A new Option (Website Top Images Slideshow Email) has been added to for the Top Images email. As before an email will be generated containing publishable images with the author's name in the copyright watermark (if requested). When the new Option is selected, a second email will be generated containing the publishable images, but all of these will have the image title and the author's name watermarked. These are intended for use in a slideshow of recent top images.
16 Feb 2016 The FAQ page will now open in a new browser context (i.e. new tab or window depending on your browser settings). It no longer contains navigation links as these would quickly become out of date.
15 Feb 2016 The title "PhotoEntry" can now be placed either beside or below your logo. This can only be changed by a PhotoEntry superuser.
26 Jan 2016 Zip file download handling tweaked for greater browser compatibility.
26 Jan 2016 Series Competition maintenance screen rewritten with added functionality.
26 Jan 2016 Placed Competitions (i.e. first, second, third, etc) can now be included in Series Competitions. You can specify the score to be associated with each place.
26 Jan 2016 You can now specify each User's Distinctions. These will appear in the Main Menu, in the entry and results emails, and on the Series results.