PhotoEntry is of course often used in conjunction with projection software for running digital competitions, or for projecting images during print competitions. It has always been possible to download images from PhotoEntry in formats (which can be tailored) suitable for most projection software. It is quite straightforward and quick to do so, but entering scores back into PhotoEntry, when they have already been entered into the projection software, is slower and more error-prone.

To address this, PhotoEntry provides a web service interface that allows other software products to automate these processes. The following products are fully integrated with PhotoEntry:

If you are using one of these, please contact the supplier for more information about how to use it in conjunction with PhotoEntry. Doing so is entirely optional, but the overall experience will be quicker and more convenient.

Anyone wishing to integrate other software with PhotoEntry should contact us to discuss, and to obtain a copy of the API documentation.

Please note that the SSL/TLS restrictions noted on the Browsers page also apply to integrated products. Updated versions of both Di Centra and FFP that support TLSv1.2 are due to be released during August 2018. You must have upgraded to these new versions by 1 October 2018 in order for the integration with PE to work after that date.