The subscription rate is based on the number of members in your organisation who have paid their annual subscription. PhotoEntry charges £1 per member per annum. This applies to any subscription type (adult, joint, etc), and whether or not the member submits entries. There is no purchase or setup charge.

Membership numbers will always fluctuate during the year. If you are taking out a new subscription please base your numbers on your previous year's membership, unless you have reason to believe that the next year will be substantially higher. If that is the case we ask that you make a small allowance.

If members leave, you may mark them inactive, in which case they do not count towards the number of licenses. (If they have entered competitions, it is better not to completely delete them as it will upset the results of Series calculations).

If you create user accounts for non-paying members you may flag these as non-members. Examples are generic administration accounts, and accounts used by other clubs when you are hosting interclub competitions. Please do set this where appropriate.

I do not rigorously enforce the licence numbers, and it is possible for you to exceed them a little. I will only approach a club if it goes substantially over the license count. It is more important that things are hassle-free rather than chasing very small licence increments. However, the number of clubs exceeding their license has grown, and we ask that you respect the limits rather than us having to adopt a more stringent regime.

A subscription entitles you to run up to 100 Competitions per year, with up to 500 Users.

Unlimited support is available for problems in the software or hosting. Up to 10 hours per annum of support is available for administrative queries. (I am unlikely to rigorously enforce that, but there has to be some limit...)

Support is only available to nominated Administrators. I simply do not have the resources to respond directly to User queries, and it would be inappropriate for me to do so.

Software updates are included.

I am always ready to consider enhancement requests, but the final decision on these rests with me. If there is sufficient interest I will setup a user forum for discussing and submitting ideas.

I am based in the UK, but I am perfectly willing to offer subscriptions to overseas clubs and societies, with due allowance for language and timezone differences. There are no plans to make PhotoEntry available in languages other than English.

PhotoEntry will only be offered as a hosted service. It will not be available for you to install and run yourself.


To take out or renew a subscription, please email us with your current paid-up membership count, and we will send you an invoice. Payment details will be on the invoice, and payment may be made by bank transfer (preferred), cheque or Paypal.