Price Increase

12 Jul 2022

We regret having to announce our first ever price increase. Please see the Pricing page for details.

Privacy Statement Update

28 Jan 2021

The Privacy Statement for the PhotoEntry Application has been updated.

More Viewings Features

15 Aug 2020

Version 35.2 has further enhancements to Viewings. These include being able to import Judge scores into a Competition.

Viewings Feature Released

19 May 2020

As per the discussion on our Coronavirus page, version 34.0 has now been released that replaces Judge Previews with Viewings. Please see the Admin FAQ. Further enhancements will follow.

Scheduled Maintenance Completed

19 Apr 2020

The database upgrade scheduled for this morning completed successfully well within the advertised maintenance window. All servers have now been upgraded to new hardware. Over the next few weeks there will be a series of major server software upgrades but these will not require any downtime.

Scheduled Maintenance

15 Mar 2020

On Sunday 19 April 2020, between 6am and 7am, PhotoEntry will be migrating its database servers to new hardware. Although all other types of hardware and software maintenance are done without interrupting service, this one will require a short outage. We expect the upgrade to complete well within the first half of the above window, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Security Update

7 Aug 2018

On 1 October 2018 some security settings will be tightened that may affect some very old browsers. In addition you will require the new shortly-to-be-released versions of Di Centra and FFP if you are using them to directly integrate with PhotoEntry. See the Browsers and Integration pages for more information.

Judge Preview Now Available

13 Jul 2018

You can now generate Competition previews for judges. Judges can examine the entries online in advance of the Competition, and print an entry list to makes notes on. Images will be stripped of identifying metadata. See the Admin FAQ for details.

Version 30.0

15 Jun 2018

Version 30.0 is now released. It contains some requested features including allowing Users to import Entries from existing Competitions. See the Change Log for details.


6 May 2018

Some information about how GDPR affects PhotoEntry is available on the Privacy page.

Importing Entries

6 May 2018

A new feature to build a new Competition from existing Entries has been added. See the Admin FAQ for details.

CSV Downloads

21 Feb 2018

You can now download competition entry/image information in CSV format.

Revamped Website

5 Nov 2017

PhotoEntry's new website is launched. It will grow to include much more information, including tips and video demonstrations.

New User Interface

7 Aug 2017

A major release of PhotoEntry is now live. This completely reworks the user interface, and prepares the way for more functionality in the future.

Di Centra Integration

22 Feb 2017

PhotoEntry is delighted to announce that full integration with DiCentra is now available. We have been collaborating with the author of the market-leading DiCentra software to enhance interoperability between the two products.

PhotoEntry and DiCentra are complementary systems that together can provide an integrated solution for managing and running photographic competitions. It is now possible for DiCentra to download Competitions, Entries and Images directly from PhotoEntry, and to upload scores back to PhotoEntry. Although you have always been able to do this manually, the whole process can now be automated.

Use of this integration requires an additional licence from Di Centra. Please refer to the DiCentra site for more information. No additional licence is required for PhotoEntry.

Multiple PhotoEntry Accounts

18 Oct 2016

It is now possible for a User to have multiple PhotoEntry accounts with different Organisations, but to use the same email address. It is also possible for two different Users to have PhotoEntry accounts with the same Organisation but with a shared email address.

Users now have a User ID and an Email Address. If the Email Address is left blank, the User ID must be a valid email address - all existing User accounts have been migrated to this format.

To specify a separate email address for a User: change their User ID to the new ID format (alphanumerics and spaces), and enter their email address in the Email Address field. User IDs must be unique throughout PhotoEntry, but the same email address can be associated with multiple User IDs.