PhotoEntry History

In 2015 I joined Guildford Photographic Society and observed the administrative overhead involved in running their competitions. My background is in IT, so I offered to write them a simple system to manage the competitions. It was immediately successful, and so I added more features.

After it had been running for almost a year, some of their members convinced me to offer it to other clubs as well. This wasn't a problem as I had designed it from the outset to handle multiple clubs. So in early 2016 I contacted some clubs and started a few trials. Almost all of those clubs now use PhotoEntry.

During the remainder of 2016 substantial functionality was added. PhotoEntry was also moved to robust high-availability hosting in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

In 2017 the number of subscriptions again rose. One of the major efforts was a redesigned user interface that has made PhotoEntry easier and more attractive to use.

Also during 2017 we worked with the authors of Di Centra and FFP (Film Free Projection) to integrate those products, making it even simpler to download competitions from PhotoEntry and upload the results back. The API is available for any other organisations that wish to construct a programmatic interface to PhotoEntry.

We have now transferred to Godalming Photographic Club, where PhotoEntry is also used.

PhotoEntry is now approaching its final state. There will always be requests for new features, and we will do our best to incorporate these where practical.